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"A kid's masterclass in Space!"
– Mom of three (ages 7, 9, 11)
"My kids loved it, and so did I!"
– Father of three (ages 6, 9, 10)
"A great crash course in space!"
– Space Enthusiast (age 31)

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The New Way to Start Your Space Journey

We believe in educating kids about the wonders of science & space exploration, and its importance to us here on Earth. We believe in giving kids the knowledge required to grow up and impact the world in a positive way.

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Space Class is where curious kids come to learn! It is taught by NASA Rocket Scientist & Professional Space Educator Kevin J DeBruin.

Space Class brings a S.T.E.M. experience into your home with engaging educational videos & a follow along PDF booklet for audiences of all ages 8+.

A collection of all Space Class lessons in boxes.A collection of all Space Class lessons in boxes.

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Space Class lessons bring space down to Earth and makes rocket science accessible to everyone, yes that includes 8-12 year old kids! Would you like to learn rocket science without having your head explode? Welcome to the new way to start your space journey.


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meet your space class instructor

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Kevin J DeBruin is a former NASA Rocket Scientist turned Professional Space Educator. He is the author of To NASA & Beyond, international space & science camp instructor, a TEDx speaker, host, and American Ninja Warrior!

Kevin has been teaching these lessons in-person around the globe for over 4 years, but then the pandemic hit. Kevin wanted to find a way to keep teaching these lessons, but also make them accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime! With the transition to virtual learning, Kevin set out to make learning about space safe & available to everyone around the world. And Space Class was born. For almost a year, Kevin worked in crafting these educational video lessons with reviews and feedback from scientists and engineers at NASA and other top aerospace organizations.

Learn more about your Space Class Instructor here and on Instagram @kevinjdebruin.